Silicone Earring Backs

Our Silicone Earring Backs, available in various styles combined with precious metal findings, are designed for ultimate comfort and security. Suitable for all types of earrings, they provide a snug fit, ideal for daily wear, especially for those with sensitive ears.

Sensitive Earring Backs For Jewellery Making

Discover the comfort and simplicity of our Silicone Earring Backs collection. These backs, often paired with metal for added stability, offer a snug and gentle fit, making them ideal for everyday wear. Available in options that complement sterling silver and gold earrings, they are perfect for those seeking a lightweight and hypoallergenic earring back solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

These earring backs are compatible with most earring styles, particularly lightweight and casual designs, providing comfort without compromising on hold.

Silicone backs offer a gentle grip, reducing the risk of irritation, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.