Small Bolt Rings / Spring Ring Clasps

Explore our exquisite collection of small bolt ring a.k.a spring ring clasps, offering a perfect blend of security and elegance for your jewellery making projects. Available in a wide range of sizes and crafted in premium metals including sterling silver, 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold in yellow, white, and rose variants, these clasps are ideal for adding a refined touch to any design.

The Finest in Spring Ring Clasps

Whether you're designing necklaces, bracelets, or other fine jewellery, our small bolt ring clasps provide the reliability and aesthetic you need. Their compact size makes them ideal for delicate designs, while the variety of metals ensures a perfect match for every style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Small spring rings are best suited for delicate and lightweight jewellery styles. They work exceptionally well with:

  • Fine Chain Necklaces: Their small size complements the subtlety of thin chains without overpowering them.

  • Delicate Bracelets: Ideal for bracelets that require a less bulky clasp for a more refined look.

  • Anklets: Perfect for dainty anklets where a discreet clasp is preferred.

  • Lightweight Earrings: Can be used in drop or dangle earrings that need a small clasp for functionality and aesthetic balance.

  • Children's Jewellery: Their small size is proportionate for children's smaller jewellery items.

Attaching a small bolt ring or spring ring clasp in jewellery making typically involves the following steps:

  • Prepare Your Materials: Ensure you have the jewellery piece (like a chain or cord), the spring ring clasp, and any additional findings, such as jump rings or split rings.

  • Open the Jump Ring: If using a jump ring to attach the clasp, use pliers to gently twist open the jump ring. Avoid pulling the ends apart; instead, twist one end towards you and the other away from you.

  • Attach the Clasp and Jewellery: Slide the open jump ring through the loop on the spring ring clasp and the end loop of your chain or cord.

  • Close the Jump Ring: Use the pliers to twist the jump ring back into its original closed position, ensuring the ends meet and there is no gap.

  • Securing the Other End: On the opposite end of the jewellery piece, attach an end cap, larger ring or loop if it doesn’t already have one. This will serve as the section the spring ring clasps onto when the jewellery is worn.

When pairing an end cap with small spring rings, a small, thin round link often works best. This type of link complements the circular shape of the spring ring, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing connection. The round link mirrors the contour of the spring ring, allowing for a seamless and unobtrusive transition from the clasp to the jewellery piece. This is particularly important in delicate designs where maintaining a consistent, refined appearance is key.