Gold Bullion

Discover our exclusive collection of gold bullion, crafted from the finest Australian precious metals. Refined to 99.99% - Each bar embodies purity and value, making it a superb choice for both investors and collectors. Our gold bullion bars, characterized by their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, are a testament to lasting wealth and beauty.

Ethically Sourced From Australian Mines

Our gold bullion is designed for those who appreciate the inherent value and stability of gold. Made from Australian precious metals, these bullion bars are a symbol of security and a wise addition to any investment portfolio or personal collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

'bullion' refers to gold that is at least 99.5% pure and has been cast into bars or ingots.

It is typically bought for investment purposes rather than for use in jewellery, however can be utilised for advanced jewellers looking to create their own custom mater alloys.

Gold bullion is valued primarily for its precious metal content and is a popular choice among investors looking to hedge against inflation or economic uncertainty.

Gold bullion manufacturing involves a few steps:

  • Refining Process: Raw gold is refined to achieve the desired level of purity, typically 99.5% or higher.

  • Melting and Casting: The refined gold is melted and then cast into bars or ingots.

  • Assaying and Marking: The bullion is assayed to confirm its purity and weight, and then stamped with identifying marks like weight and purity.

Yes, 999.9 fine gold is considered 24 carat.

The '999.9' denotes the purity of the gold, which is 99.99% pure gold. This is the highest level of purity commonly found in gold bullion, making it extremely valuable and sought after by investors and collectors.