Designer Bolt Rings / Spring Ring Clasps

Uncover the potential of our designer bolt ring clasps, featuring two premade figure 8 jump rings for enhanced versatility and creativity in your jewellery projects. Available in a wide array of sizes and exquisite metals including sterling silver, 9ct and 18ct gold in yellow, white, and rose varieties. These clasps are crafted for jewellers who seek both function and elegance in their designs.

Designer Jewellery Spring Ring Clasps

Our designer bolt ring clasps are more than just fastenings; they are integral design elements that enhance the aesthetic and functionality of various jewellery pieces. The added figure 8 jump rings expand the range of applications, making them suitable for complex designs or multi-strand creations. From sophisticated necklaces to elegant bracelets, these clasps provide secure closures and an extra touch of style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designer spring rings are versatile clasps that excel in fine jewellery applications and can make a bold statement in larger jewellery pieces. Their elegant design and added functionality make them a perfect choice for:

  • Fine Jewellery Applications: Their sophisticated look complements delicate and high-end jewellery pieces, like intricate necklaces or elegant bracelets.

  • Bold Statement Jewellery: The designer spring rings' unique appearance also suits bolder statement jewellery, adding a touch of luxury and distinctiveness to larger, eye-catching pieces.

Attaching a designer bolt ring or spring ring is made convenient and versatile thanks to the integrated figure 8 jump rings:

  • Use the Figure 8 Jump Rings: These premade jump rings provide two distinct attachment points on the clasp.

  • Attach Directly: You can easily attach chains, cords, or other elements of your jewellery piece to either the figure 8 jump rings, or directly to the spring ring itself. This design allows for flexible and secure connections, suitable for a variety of jewellery styles.

  • Composite Design: The inclusion of two jump rings makes the designer bolt ring ideal for multi-strand designs or for adding additional decorative elements.

Generally, no end caps are used with this style of spring ring, as the figure 8 links effectively act as an end cap, providing a secure and aesthetically pleasing point to attach chains or cords. However, if you choose to include an end cap in your design:

  • Round End Caps Are Most Suitable: Round end caps complement the circular shape of the designer bolt ring clasps and maintain the flow and symmetry of the design. They can be used to provide a finished look and add an extra decorative element to the jewellery piece.