Necklace Chains

Discover timeless beauty with our exclusive collection of necklace chains, meticulously crafted from solid 9ct yellow gold and the finest 925 sterling silver. Whether you seek the snug allure of a choker, the classic fit of a regular-length necklace, or the dramatic flair of a longer piece, our selection embodies versatility and style. Indulge in the luxury of choice and find the perfect complement to any pendant or occasion.

Necklace Chains For jewellery making

Our exquisite range of necklace chains offers you the freedom to choose the ideal length for any look or moment. From the close embrace of our chic chokers to the graceful drape of our long-length necklaces, every chain is a testament to the art of fine jewellery. Crafted with attention to detail, our solid 9ct yellow gold chains radiate a warm, classic elegance, while our 925 sterling silver selections shine with an enduring, modern appeal.

Our chains are designed not only for beauty but for durability, ensuring that your chosen piece will be an enduring addition to your collection. With our varied lengths, you can layer with ease, mix and match metals, or choose that one standout piece that speaks to your individuality.

Whether you're looking to showcase a treasured pendant or prefer the understated sophistication of a solo chain, our necklace chains are the ideal foundation for your creativity and style. Shop now to express your unique elegance with our premium necklace chains.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal thickness for a chain necklace depends on the intended use and personal style.

A delicate 1mm - 2mm thickness is perfect for a subtle look or when you're planning to add pendants.

For a more substantial standalone piece, chains ranging from 2mm to 6mm offer a noticeable presence without overwhelming.

Thicker chains are often chosen for their durability and statement-making quality.

Necklace chains are measured in two primary ways: length and thickness. The length, typically measured in inches or centimetres, refers to the end-to-end measurement when the chain is unclasped and laid out straight.

Thickness, usually measured in millimetres, indicates the width of the individual links that make up the chain.

Our collection features a rich variety of styles, each with its unique character:

  • Snake Chain: Smooth, flexible, and sleek, resembling a snake’s skin.
  • Wheat Chain: Intricately woven links that form a symmetrical, braided look.
  • Singapore Twist Chain: Features twisted links that reflect light from different angles.
  • Paperclip Chain: Composed of elongated rectangular links, offering a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Figaro 3:1 Chain: A pattern of three small circular links followed by one elongated oval link.
  • Figaro 1:1 Chain: An even pattern of alternating one short link with one long link.
  • Long Curb Chain: Flat, interlocking, uniform links that are often elongated.
  • Cuban Link Chain: Similar to the Curb chain but with rounder, thicker links for a bolder look.
  • Curb Chain: Classic design with interlocked, uniform links.
  • Cable Chain: Resembles the standard iron chain design, with uniform round or oval links.
  • Belcher: Also known as the Rolo chain, it consists of half round links connected in a simple and classic style.
  • Belcher Box Chain: A variation of the Belcher chain, but with square links forming a boxy appearance.
  • Oval Belcher Chain: Characterized by its traditional, wider oval links.