Large Bolt Rings / Spring Ring Clasps

Discover our extensive collection of large bolt rings, also known as spring ring clasps, perfect for a touch of elegance and security to your jewellery designs. Available in a wide range of sizes and crafted in an array of metals including sterling silver, 9ct, 14ct, and 18ct gold in yellow, white, and rose hues. These clasps are ideal for heavier or statement jewellery pieces, combining extra security and durability with aesthetic appeal.

Large Spring Ring Clasps for Jewellery

Our large spring ring clasps are designed to meet the needs of a variety of jewellery projects and repairs. Whether you are creating a chunky necklace, a bold bracelet, or need a reliable clasp for heavier items, these clasps provide the perfect solution. Their robust construction ensures longevity, while their elegant design adds a luxurious finish to your creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Large spring rings are well-suited for bolder, more substantial jewellery styles due to their size and strength. They work particularly well with:

  • Chunky Necklaces: Ideal for heavier necklaces where a stronger clasp is needed for support.

  • Statement Bracelets: Perfect for larger bracelets that require a robust yet easy-to-use clasp.

  • Longer Chains: Suitable for long chains or necklaces that carry more weight or larger pendants.

  • Men's Jewellery: Often used in men's jewellery, such as thick chain necklaces or bracelets, where a larger clasp is proportionate and more practical.

  • Decorative Purposes: Their size makes them an interesting design element, not just a functional piece, adding an aesthetic appeal to the jewellery.

The simplicity of a large bolt ring or spring ring clasp allows for easy attaching and removal, which is particularly convenient for both makers and wearers of jewellery.

For designs that involve larger links or chains, the bolt ring can be directly threaded through these links for closure, making it a straight forward process to secure the jewellery.

However, in designs with smaller chains or elements that don't allow for direct threading, attaching a jump ring to the bolt ring clasp will enable its incorporation into the design.

See our designer spring rings which feature a figure 8 jump ring pre attached for easy attachment.

When using large spring ring clasps, the need for an end cap depends on the specific design of the jewellery piece.

For some designs, especially those with thicker chains or cords, an end cap may not be necessary as the clasp can directly connect to the material.

However, if an end cap is required, a round style end cap is often the best choice. The round shape of the end cap complements the circular form of the bolt ring clasp, creating a smooth and cohesive flow in the design.