9ct Gold FAQ's

Stay tuned for the release of our solid gold charms! These beautiful pieces can be used for many different projects including; necklace pendant charms, bracelet trinket ornaments, even a feature for a dangle earring.

9ct solid gold charms

They also make great special gifts to honour a loved ones favourite passion or hobby.

These charms are solid gold meaning they have no chemical coating or plating, they are solid gold all the way through!

Take a peek below to see some F.A.Q's we get about solid 9 karat jewellery -

Does sweat ruin 9K gold?
14K & 9K solid gold jewellery is designed for everyday wear & will not fade. These pieces are resistant to water, moisture & sweat

Can you wear 9 carat gold daily?
As it is lightweight and durable, 9ct gold is superb for everyday wear. 9ct gold is comprised of 37.5% pure gold and 62.5% other metal alloys, actually making it harder than 18ct gold.

Can you wear 9K gold in the ocean?
Yep! Solid Gold charms are durable withstand and wont react to the salt in the ocean.
Does 9k gold stick to a magnet?
No, Gold is Non-magnetic. Scientifically, gold is classed as diamagnetic, or magnetically inert. Real gold jewellery won't be attracted to a magnet.
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